McKeever and Sullivan is a management advisory firm specializing in assisting emerging growth organizations with focused and sustained value generation

Specializing in assisting emerging growth organizations

We helped an emerging growth technology services company to expand a line of business by creating alignment across the organization, clarify the value proposition to leverage strengths, focus on training and coaching for developing people, and execute the plan.

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We help organizations accelerate growth by creating a
Management Advantage

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McKeever and Sullivan has the industry experience to understand the market dynamics, competitive landscape, challenges, and prospects of emerging growth companies to accelerate performance and make a market impact. We act as a catalyst to bring all your capabilities and energy to produce results that you did not expect were possible.

Mckeever And Sullivan

The only things that evolve by themselves in an organization are disorder, friction, & malperformance.

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To take management performance to a higher level

McKeever and Sullivan is committed to helping you purposefully create a high-performing organization through an integrated framework that delivers a Management Advantage. Our mission is to take management performance to a higher level, with a discipline for the System and a passion for the Practice.

Transform the results-producing capabilities of your organization.