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MCKeever and Sullivan helps organizations accelerate their growth by creating a

Management Advantage.

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“In every company, in every organization, is a system. When you see the system, and not just the individual pieces, you increase your chances of winning.” 

-- Alan M. WebberCo-Founder,    Fast Company

Only a growing business is a healthy business. McKeever and Sullivan enables your organization to break through to a higher level of performance by creating a Management Advantage to supplement your other competitive advantages.

You have already proven your basic value proposition.  The path to generating value for all stakeholders includes scaling the business to attract, retain, and utilize capital -- financial capital and human capital. The complexities of growing the business require a systematic approach that integrates people, processes, and technology.  To accelerate your success, you need to create what so few organizations have: a Management Advantage.

Your Management Advantage includes an integrated framework -- a management system -- that can be adopted to transform the results-producing capabilities of your organization. 

Organizational Alignment

Growth Strategy and Execution


Customer Engagement Strategy and Execution

Process and Information Management

Engaging and Developing People

We help you sustain your Management Advantage by coaching and mentoring your leadership team to adopt management practices from the best performing organizations – and lots of learning we’ve acquired in decades of experience.


Proven operating Pros

Each team member has held executive positions at top-tier companies and consulting firms in financial services, software, high tech, and professional services.  We deliver through a consultative approach combined with operating leadership and accountability.

McKeever and Sullivan has the industry experience to understand the market dynamics, competitive landscape, challenges, and prospects of emerging growth companies to accelerate performance and make a market impact.

We act as a catalyst to bring all your capabilities and energy to produce results that you did not expect were possible.

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Small and medium sized businesses share the same ambition and challenges as their larger competitors, but without the depth of experience, infrastructure, and focused resources to achieve over-sized results.

By adopting a proven management framework through which they can guide their business, leaders create the conditions of success for their companies to generate sustained, dramatic results.

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