Merger and Acquisitions

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Combine your organization with another

The time may be coming near when you wish to combine your organization with another, or restructure the ownership, for any number of reasons.  We work with a network of resources to line up the capital that makes such transactions possible, then we assist your organization with the activities that make the transaction a success for all parties. 

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Articulate your business strategy and create an investment memorandum

We will help you articulate your business strategy and create an investment memorandum that effectively positions your organization for sale or investment.  We can perform a credible valuation to inform the decision criteria about the transaction.  We can help identify the right group of buyers, and create an effective marketing package.  Then we will facilitate running a disciplined sale process. While we work closely with management, we allow you to stay focused on running the business as the process progresses.

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Pre- and post-merger assessment process

Our pre- and post-merger assessment process eliminates the guesswork in determining how the two firms will “fit” together. We enable your M&A team to accurately assess gaps between the two merging firms, develop a plan to narrow those gaps, and build a focused plan that will enable the combined firms to achieve the new strategic objectives. We enable your team to rapidly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing management teams on both sides of the merger and select the optimal team to lead the new organization.  With this support, M&A decisions and implementation plans can be based upon detailed, objective information regarding both sides of the combined firm.

Mckeever And Sullivan

We assist you in implementing the plan and guide the respective teams during plan execution.