“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”  -- Henry Ford

If your organization is not explicitly aligned in the way everyone articulates your mission, vision, values, and goals, your actions are not likely to be focused in the same direction. And with everyone playing a different game, your chances of winning are dramatically reduced.

We help you clarify your thinking and your messaging around the core context of your organization.  This is not for hanging posters with mission and vision statements.  It is for establishing the framework, your core context, that drives your organization to new levels of performance excellence.

“Context is worth 80 IQ points.”   – Alan Kay, computer scientist 

By approaching the effort in a way that includes people throughout your organization, we facilitate enrolling your people from the start, rather than seeking buy-in when the core is already set and a sense of ownership is far harder to achieve.

And to deploy that strategic framework throughout your organization in a powerful way, we help facilitate your leadership team and front-line people to set bold goals, along with the small steps needed to achieve them. Powerful goals give everyone a reason to drive in the same direction, committed to the same results. Without common goals, everyone naturally pursues their own agenda.