So Who Are McKeever and Sullivan?

Actually, it’s not who, but where. McKeever Place and Sullivan Place in Brooklyn, New York is the intersection where Ebbets Field stood.

What’s that got to do with anything?

Though the point is debatable, Ebbets Field represents, more than 50 years after its passing, a symbol of a golden age of baseball, and of America.  It is that kind of feeling that we believe lies at the essence of our mission: to elevate the craft of management to generate dramatically improved performance for our businesses, and concurrently, our lives. 

Being movie fans, we like a quote from Field of Dreams: It reminds of us of all that once was good, and what could be again.

Our mission is to take management performance to a higher level, with a discipline for the System and a passion for the Practice.

For all the innovations that have transformed our lives, none could have taken hold so rapidly or spread so widely without the innovation of the discipline of management.  Management continues to evolve as the body of knowledge and practice that makes organizations work.  We are students and practitioners of management, the universal business architecture that delivers all functional domains as services and produces intended results. 

Organizational performance is improved far more when the managers and leaders up their game, enabling those at the front line to raise theirs.  Management has never risen to the stature of a profession… to our collective detriment. Spectacular management failures make the news in indelible ways.  Imagine what’s possible if we could fulfill the hope and promise of creating unprecedented value, of developing and executing strategies that win revenue from customers and the admiration of competitors, of converting insight into enterprise through constant innovation, of having high-performing products and processes that serve passionately loyal customers, and of having an organization where people are thrilled to work.

That vision turned reality awaits your organization if you're willing to take the next step.  We can help.