You have the right to know the foundation on which our company is built.

Our Mission

We help organizations improve their performance and the lives of their stakeholders by creating a Management Advantage, with a discipline for The System and a passion for The Practice.

Our Vision

We work to build a world in which organizations consider management excellence as important as any comparative advantage for achieving sustainable prosperity for their entire community.

Our Values


·      The Zeroth Law, the prerequisite for everything

·      Requires committed speakers and committed listeners

·      Understanding is better than interpreting


·      Starts with courage

·      Is orders of magnitude more important than sincerity

·      Based on possibilities for the future that may not look attainable


·      Most work is a team sport, and the objective of the game is for the team to win

·      Diverging views set the table for converging action

·   Requires foregoing something personal to achieve better outcomes for everyone


·      Action at the front line determines results on the bottom line

·      Requires freedom from fear

·      Taps the full talent and energy of everyone