“Where the traditional organization was held together by command and control, the ‘skeleton’ of the information-based organization will be the optimal information system.”
– Peter Drucker

IT has been a major driver of the shape of our businesses and our lives.  Technology is so pervasive, it has become invisible… right up to the time we try to master its essence to meet specific objectives.  And that makes IT not only a powerful enabler, but the potential to be among the most exasperating domains to manage.  Too many business leaders have abdicated their responsibility to enable their business to the realm of the IT experts, who are great masters of process management but who are too often disconnected from a deep understanding of the business.  McKeever and Sullivan can help your organization by facilitating the dialog with your IT team to get the real benefit from worthwhile investments. 

We will facilitate the creation of requirements for efficient and effective process management:  effective design, a prevention orientation,  linkage to suppliers and partners to form virtual supply chains and organizations, how to sustain hyper-growth returns, and enterprise-wide evaluation and continuous improvement. 

We'll also help you define and review metrics to determine the health of your overall organization to enable evidence-based management.