“The limits to innovation have nothing to do with creativity, and nothing to do with technology. They have everything to do with management capability.” 

-- Ray Stata, co-Founder, Analog Devices

It’s all the rage, to the point where it has become a cliché.  But with the rate of change in the marketplace, what choice have you but to constantly innovate.  That applies not just to your products and services, but to your processes, technologies, strategies, business models, new markets, and untapped customer needs.  We’ll help you get there by balancing the generation of new ideas with relentless execution.

Thomas Edison taught us best when he told us that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  Given the rate of change in today's world, throw in some dedicated time for uninhibited play, speed, discipline about measuring progress, and most importantly, a willingness to accept -- even applaud -- failure. Not infamous, huge failures, but fast, cheap failures that foster rapid learning and adaptation.  We'll keep you on track for knowing when to push, when to pivot, when to cut, and how to sustain this competency.

You'll also consider what it takes to manage your organization for the long term. This will include balancing situational challenges with what is required to assure not only your own sustainability, but that of the environment