How We Work Together

You’ve proven that your business can work, profitably. But unless you grow, dramatically and consistently, it will be tough to attract and retain financial and human capital. Without strong growth, both the money and talent will find other places where they are better treated

And there goes your business.

To accelerate your growth, you need to add a Management Advantage to the other things going for you.  McKeever and Sullivan collaborates with you to create and sustain a management system that dynamically serves your rapidly growing business in a rapidly changing world. And we’ll coach and mentor your people to live the best management practices that we’ve learned in our own journey.

We start our collaboration in a focused and intensive way up front to build energy and momentum.  A quick assessment of your organization’s stage of maturity and level of performance gives us a common view of the starting point.  We continue by getting complete alignment among your leaders in defining who you are, where you’re going, what’s most important to you, and what you’re committing to accomplish.  Then we all agree on the infrastructure needed to sustain your management system to make it easy to operate and transparent to the way you work. 

Next, we agree on the focus areas that deserve top priority.  A management system touches every part of your business, so while you can do it all, you can’t do it all at once. The elements we’ll integrate over time include your knowledge of customers and markets, making information a key enabler, mastering core and support processes, and engaging and developing your people. And always… always… carving out time to foster innovation and sustainability.

Once the system is set up, we step back as you take ownership for its performance every day. Then to give you the benefit of the outsider’s perspective, we connect several days each quarter to hold up the mirror, to ensure that you’re sustaining the discipline you set, and to ask the tough questions that insiders most often bypass.  We facilitate a review of organizational performance far more effectively and efficiently than the show-and-tell game that passes in most companies.  Our feedback will reinforce the strengths of your system and provide you with actionable recommendations on where and how to improve.  We also facilitate strategy development and deployment on a schedule that aligns with your market and stage of maturity, as well as foster regular innovation and sustainability activities.