Here's a sampling of the ways we've helped companies grow over the years.

Photo by Minerva Studio/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Minerva Studio/iStock / Getty Images


We helped an emerging growth technology services company to expand a line of business by creating alignment across the organization, clarify the value proposition to leverage strengths, focus on training for developing people, and execute the plan, starting with key customers.

For a young telecommunications services company, we expanded their go-to-market efforts by clarifying the value proposition, refining their collateral messaging, and launch a new line of services in a rapidly growing segment.

For a young design company, we coached company founders to focus their efforts and market selection to achieve growth at faster pace. This same team installed a metrics-based approach for the front line to sustain momentum and meet their objectives.

We facilitated introduction to potential acquirers for an online project software company that was seeking a larger organization to scale up its product's future market potential.

At an emerging growth on-line retailer, led the final stages of implementation of a major platform upgrade and established a disciplined approach to development and infrastructure management. 

For an emerging growth division of a global firm, we developed the growth strategy and go-to-market strategy and execution, growing revenues by 400% in three years, while building service delivery and support functions in a more scalable model to sustain higher operating margins.

Helped a young human capital management software provider to structure their IT operations to transition from an ad hoc approach to a more robust, sustainable approach that focused on meeting clients' expectations.

For a start up, we accelerated the IT development and service design to enable the launch in just 4 months, using just half the investment originally set.

For an emerging growth software development company, we assisted them to form a big-brother alliance to leverage a channel to larger clients.