Engaging and Developing People

"People are not your most important asset; the right people are." 
-- Jim Collins

We have already moved beyond the knowledge economy.  Knowledge itself has become a commodity.  The Web can provide almost all the knowledge you need.  Marketplace competition starts with competing for attention and then delivering a unique experience. The experience you create in developing and delivering your products and services makes all the difference. In an experience economy, it’s all about the people.  The tangible value they provide is embodied in wetware, the slang expression for their brains.  How do you build a support system that truly makes them what most companies claim, but seldom back up: the most valuable assets available to you. 

The “war for talent” makes engaging and developing your people a key success factor for every organization.   We facilitate driving core work systems, enrolling the front line to help set the best approaches to work and job design, compensation, employee performance management, and recognition in ways that enable and encourage all employees to contribute to breakthrough results.   To be successful in today’s markets, organizations must enable their people to exercise discretion and decision making, leading to flexibility, innovation, knowledge and skill sharing, and rapid response to the accelerating conditions of the marketplace.

Effective job design and flexible work organizations are necessary but not sufficient to ensure high performance. We'll show you how to create effective communication across functions and work units to ensure clear understanding of customer requirements, along with the tools and information to carry out all activities. 

We'll show you the importance of working with your people to jointly develop career and learning objectives, as well as address the alignment of incentives with the achievement of key organizational objectives.  We do this by supporting the creation, monitoring, and reporting of individual and team goals linked to organizational goals.