We’ve already told you a little About Us by way of introduction. We would rather focus the conversation About You.

Does This Sound Like You?

“My 17 year old business has grown into a solid, profitable operation.  Where do people like me go for the next level of growth?  … we have a great business model and a fire to do something special.”

-- Letter in BusinessWeek to Jack Welch

Are you approaching, or already in, the stage where it is necessary to augment your capabilities to successfully grow your business well into the future?

Which Future For You?

  • Emerging growth organizations hit an inflection point, some would say at 20 employees, others say $50M in revenue, where the trajectory they are on determines their long-term future success.  Management expert David Thomson says the architecture to be an exponential growth company is set by the inflection point.  The time to create your future is right now.
  • You've graduated from startup to enter the build-out stage of maturity. Building the business requires more than a focus on the product or service. It requires creating the conditions of success for the entire organization to perform.
  • You’ve proven that your business allows you to make a living, but you also want to make an impact while creating an organization that will thrive for communities of stakeholders well into the future.  Achieving that means growing an agile business at a scale that creates and delivers opportunities faster than your market.
  • You're at that point where you decide if you want that future of endless possibilities, where value creation is a function of your imagination and your commitment to performance excellence.  But you know something is missing, and you're wise enough to acknowledge that you'll need help to get there.
  • McKeever and Sullivan wants to invite you to contact us to have a conversation for possibilities.