management system

Management Stealth

My wife has a car that she says is stealth. It's not good enough to stand out, it's not bad enough to stand out. People around town who always wave to her while driving never wave when she's driving that car. She herself once passed it and never saw it when our son was driving it one day. Sometimes the most powerful things are so pervasive or so ingrained that you never see them. You invoke them so automatically that you never have to think about invoking them. The best management system is one that is so much a part of your daily existence, so easy, so natural, that its power is automatically applied to your business every day. And it's so unobtrusive that no one feels that they are being managed. [What a great vibe that is.] Yet the self-applied discipline is one that people live proudly.  When you get there, you'll know you have generated something special.